Giving Away Knowledge, Your Network, and Compassion

What I Learned from the book “Love is a Killer App.”

One of my favorite speakers is Tim Sanders. He is the most polished and authentic speaker/author I have ever met. In his book “Love is the Killer App” he emphasizes the importance of thoughtful lifestyle design and feeding your mind good stuff.

I first saw Tim Sanders at my annual Live 2 Lead leadership conference in 2013, via satellite. I must admit I owned most of his books but had not gotten around to reading them. Weeks before my event began I read his book “Today We Are Rich” and was blown away by this transparency, authenticity, and ability to know and share his heart.

As I hosted my Live2Lead conference, I was waiting with anticipation and looking forward to learning from Tim’s message. I must say it was the best message of the day. I learned that setting an intention and moving confidently in that direction is key. Tim delivered and acted on what he talked about.

When I found out he lived locally, I reached out to him via linked-in. He responded quickly, and during our email dialog he immediately did a 3-way email and introduced me to one of his connections.

Truthfully, I’d never met anyone so generous with their network. I should not have been surprised, but I was. In my corporate career, everyone guards their network like they guard their bank account. I’ve met so many professionals that expect something in return or simply never make formal introductions. I resonated with his style because I learned as a young account executive in marketing that the more you give, the better business gets. Very few people can give without expectations.

Once, I had a colleague tell me that they would not open their book of contacts because they had worked so hard for it. Giving it way would make no financial sense. I was surprised because I have always seen it to be the other way around. The more people you know, the more you should make connections and help people connect with the people that might help them. In my line of work, that is the only way to be. Share the wealth, share your network, help people be successful. Never expect anything in return unless it is a formal negotiation and that is the expectation.

Later, that year a friend invited Tim to speak at a local event. My husband and I attended and although there were not many people in the room he delivered his message like we were royalty. He nailed it, and I had front row seats.

I don’t’ want to sound like a groupie or his biggest fan, but I have to admit I admire his style, his delivery, and his content because he speaks from the heart.

When he was done, he stayed to sign books and to get to know the room. I handed over his new book “Dealstorming, ” and he signed it but not before asking me if I wanted my husband’s name in there too. Talk about paying attention to detail. Out of all the authors that have signed books for me, that was the first time an author had ever asked. Granted my hubby was standing right over my shoulder. Nevertheless, the gesture was super cool. He also offered to send me the audio version. Wow! Later on that year I saw him again at a radio station and got to sit in while he talked about his new book. Now, that was about the coolest thing I’d experience. In all his messages he says reading as much as you can is key.

15 years ago, I learned something very significant about reading books. Deepak Chopra stated that when you read a book, it is like having a conversation with the author. You do get to know the spirit of the writer and the intentions behind the book. Ever since I positioned my mind to understand this, I realized I’d been having conversations with authors for a long time whether I’ve met them not. I’ve kept amazing company for many years and have had some wonderful mentors.

After reading Tim’s book “Today, We Are Ritch” I knew I’d have many more conversations with him whether I’d met him or not. Tim’s is just down right as authentic as anyone can get.

Here is what I learned from his book “Love is the Killer App.” These are ideas he expands on in his youtube video. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ta36yjGa7xw

Ø Reading books fills you with confidence

Ø Read from a book that makes you better at your career

Ø Think of the winning moment & keep it at the front door of your mind

Ø Secret to creating deep relationships is multiplying value

Ø Teach customers what they need to know

Ø Mentor your customers when you can

Ø Knowledge is not power, distributing knowledge is power

Ø Create magic out of thin air

Ø Sometimes making a difference is better than making a profit

Ø The people that make us successful are really our friends and family

Ø Don’t watch the news

Adriana Rosales

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