The GAP exists because of one’s inability to understand our personal filters and perceptions of our current life expectations. In essence, the GAP is but an illusion.

When I worked in corporate America, I found myself in this trap over and over again. Watching how some of my colleagues were promoted without justification (in my opinion) or how my boss worked 4 hours a day and I worked 12. How I made less than men and worked twice as hard and on and on and on.

At this time in my life, I felt justified in this perception. I would ask all the wrong questions like, why does he make more than me? Moreover, how come I work harder and still won’t be considered for a promotion? How can I still be with this company? They treat me horribly.

I arrived at my “Aha” moment after reading several books on the subject. One book entitled “How to work for a Jerk” and many of this similar topic. Yes, I know, I bought the book and turned out I was the Jerk not my boss according to the writer.

My perceptions during this time in my life were as follows:

1. If you work hard, you make a lot of money

2. If you work long hours and have no social life, you will get a promotion

3. If you help your boss to get ahead, he will eventually help you as well

I would venture out to say that most employees see through this lens at some point in their careers.

I for one, learned my lesson long ago when I discovered the opposite of these three things are true.

This GAP I talk about is not a physical gap or a financial one or even a communication GAP; it is a gap in one’s individual understanding of what your personal filters are. It is how you perceive the world around you.

The filters I was wearing to see the world and my career were such that I had set myself up for failure at every level.

The lens in which I saw the world was tainted. The successful people I knew, saw the world differently. They understood that:

1. Life is easy, and money flows to you effortlessly, all the time and always

2. Smart people work less because they work smart not hard

3. If you help yourself and evolve from expecting others to help you, life can be amazing.

4. We live in an abundant world

When I came to realize these truths about the “GAP,” it was so powerful that all it took was a shift in mindset and before you knew it, I was living and doing the life I have always admired others living.

The “GAP” in introspect is an internal “GAP” within you. No one can teach you how to make more money or how to have others treat you fairly. No one can show you the path to these truths on how life works because it exists in you already.

You can become aware of these truths by your’ own internal compass. Perhaps you are nudged to read a particular book or hear an expression or read a blog that stirs up your internal dialog to see the world differently. Your mindset suddenly shifts. You arrive at your “Aha” moment and out of nowhere and nothing you dissolve this perceived “GAP” between you and your boss.



Adriana Rosales, Publisher and Author

Book Coach, Forbes Coaches Council & Expert Panelist ~ HeartMath® Coach ~John Maxwell Certified,, Author of Corporate Code™